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Manakel Clyde at Lakefield >Kai<

August 2004- October 2017

Foto: Krämer
Züchter: Rachel Moreira Campos
..................Roger de Amorim, Brasilien
HD-A, Augenkrankheiten frei
2008 Begleidhundeprüfung & Ausdauerprüfung
Europasieger 2008 / Deutscher Campion VDH 2009

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Manakel Macgregor



Lakefield Love in my Heart of Liable



Lakefield Love is in the Air


Lakefield Licia of Liable


Manakel Chivas Regal


Lakefield Litz of Liable


Lakefield Lauren of Liable


Lakefield Light up my Life



Lakefield Litz of Liable




Lakefield Lohr of Stansfield


Lakefield Luz of Liable


Lakefield Like A Dream


Show Do Belojo


Lakefield Lambada

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Foto: Krämer







Foto: Krämer





Debora vom Postberg

May 2001-December 2015

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„Lord“ Steadlyn Wildalliance
Vater: Ch. Sunnyhurst Siegfried of Karava
Mutter: Int. Ch. Steadlyn Fairy Snow

We had many happy years with our dog Lord. He was the last one of the old generation of dogs with whom I had begun my breeding in the beginning of the nineties. Lord survived Steadlyn Signature Melody „Simona“, Berta und Chiero vom Postberg. In our young bitch Sunny the ancestors live on and her nature reminds me very much of these wonderful dogs.

Above all, Lord was for many years an attentive companion of my daughter Jenny. Both shared a room and he watched over her sleep. Until old age, Lord loved to play with the ball which made him forget to be an old, limping dog at the beginning of our walks. At the age of 12 I changed the feeding of Lord (as of all my dogs) to giving fresh meet. After initial skin problems due to the detoxification of the body, Lord developed in the following years a beautiful coat. His returning vitality and the stabilization of his mobility were remarkable. It was the right decision.

Lord’s mother Steadlyn Fairy Snow was sent from Italy to Great Britain to be mated there to Ch. Sunnyhurst Siegried of Karava. Lord was born on 23.11.1993 in Tuscany. The breeder Mia Ejerstadt first wanted to keep the tricolour dog. But I did not give up and at the age of 11 weeks I collected Lord from the airport of Hamburg.

As a young dog Lord developed very promising. He was successfully shown in Germany and Denmark. My husband took care of Lord’s sports career. In his performance certificate the passed companion dog tests (1995 and 1999) and a passed endurance test can be found. The eventful training and exam weekends with our dogs in Bad Düben or in the Saarland are unforgettable. At our summer festivals of several years in Dallmin, Lord could not be beaten at the dog race of his age-group. The performances with Lord at various events remain in lasting memory.

At the end of 1999, during one of our evening walks, Lord was attacked by a German Shepherd and got a bite mark at the right foreleg. Three metacarpal bones just under the joint were broken. After the necessary operation Lord was able to walk, but under minor strain he started limping. In old age the results of this injury caused him a lot of trouble.

Lord’s favourite places were in front of the sofa and at my husband’s bed. Until the end Lord was able to receive the respect of the other members of the pack. He walked slowly but dignified through his territory.
Lord died at the age of fourteen and a half years in June 2008.

Berta vom Postberg

V: Weltsieger Steadlyn Therevolution
M: Steadlyn Signaturemelody BH

Simona died 10.4.2003
Christine Erdmann, Berta's mum "Moni" and I took the train to Firence to visit Mia Ejerstad. I had visited the Steadlyn kennels a year before and it had been a most fascinating experience. Our plans were to mate "Moni" to a sable dog, but it was not to be. Mia showed us her stud dogs and the blue merle Steadlyn The Revolution, one of the last sons of World Champion Steadlyn Showstopper took my heart. A few months later he was World and Europe Champion. We looked forward to a lovely litter but it was not to be either. Berta was the only surviving puppy. Her zest for life encouraged us and helped overcome our sorrow. She developed beautifully. Berta was born on the birthday of my daughter Anne-Katrin, and both became best friends. Berta was a showgirl and knew how to present herself. We were thrilled with a 2nd at the CACIB Oldenburg in 1997. It was a happy moment. Then came a 3rd and 2nd in Grabow 1997 and 2000, a 3rd in Denmark 1998 und many excellent reports.
Berta was also a sportive dog. She passed the BHA-test with eager obedience work and was very good in Agility. With the endurance test she proved that she could easily trot 20 km alongside the bike. In our 10th year of breeding on 13th May, 2001, the pups of our D-litter were born. Debora and Dasty vom Postberg remained on the home kennel. Berta died on 7th December 2005.

Simona verstarb am 10.04.2003


























..........................................Shaddy blue vom Reiterwappen & Steadlyn Signature Melody
1989 - 1994 & 1991 - 2003